Friday, February 11, 2005

Karen's good hair day spoiled

Karen was involved in a pretty serious car accident last weekend. She was coming home from work and another driver, apparently blinded by the late afternoon sun, crossed over the line and hit her nearly head-on. Thank God she was wearing her seat belt and all the air bags did their jobs so she has only minor injuries, mainly a broken thumb. Her other hand is sprained and it seems that one of her ankles is a bit sprained too. She also has assorted scratches and bruises and she had a nice case of "airbag face" for a couple of days.. Her car is totaled.

Now we get to deal with lawyers, doctors, insurance companies and (hopefully) soon we'll be car shopping again... joy. Karen really liked that car too so I hope we cna get her another one.

In the meantime, Karen's stuck at home with the kids. She can't drive because her hands hurt, and she has trouble holding things because of her injured thumbs. The kids were a good help for a few days but are growing tired of helping Mommy. She's worried that she's missing a bunch of work and is getting a bit stir crazy from being stuck at home.

I'm tired and stressed from helping out - Karen's a lousy patient and doesn't like to admit that she needs help (or medication) to deal with something.